Versatile for building, furniture  & joinery

Strandboard® is a versatile reconstituted wood panel manufactured entirely from renewable plantation pine timber. It is designed specifically for a range of building, furniture & joinery applications.

Strandboard® is identified by its characteristic wood strand surface. The resin used has been developed to resist the effects of moisture in areas of high humidity and reduce the emission of formaldehyde.

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  • Walls and ceiling linings

  • Partitions - in general areas 

  • Flooring overlays

  • General cabinet carcass work

  • Wall bracing


Red List Free

Strandboard is declared as Red List Free in the Declare Products Database. This is a globally recognised nutrition label for the building products industry, formed as part of the Living Building Challenge. Red List Free products have all ingredients disclosed in the Declare database and none of those ingredients appear on the Living Building Challenge Red List.

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